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Engineering Perfection for 2016 Cars

The vehicles for 2016 have become so much more than a simple means of transportation. With auto manufacturers realizing that a vehicle is usually one of the biggest if not the biggest investment for individual means that they need to pull out all the stops in order to make their vehicle a symbol of perfection. The designs for 2016 cars are taking a sleeker line than ever before in order to flaunt styling cues as well as aerodynamic design. This means that we will see much sexier looking vehicles that appeal to those wanting a vehicle with a more futuristic style. The days of simple boxy car design are over as manufacturers look to lower the drag coefficient of the vehicle in order to make it slip through the air with minimal effort. This means the vehicle will be utilizing such features as undercarriage covers for their undercarriage in order to keep air circulation continual under the vehicle. Read more…

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