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The Dominant Superpower of the 2016 Nissan GT-R

The GT-R and its ancestors are the quintessential story of nobility from the land of the rising sun. This is simply not a car, this is a purpose built machine that shows off the brilliance of the Japanese dedication to engineering perfection. Seriously, this car is limited by the rubber on its rims and can take four points of contact and do wonders with it. So the question is, how do you improve or perpetual perfection? It is apparent that the GT-R is a machine of lust for the engineers. Do you think they would emit blood, sweat and Miso soup to brainstorm on a fucking Sentra? This is the vehicle that is absolutely impervious to stereotypes. For example, if I see a Ferrari or Lamborghini, I can’t help but see an asshat that drives it because he needs attention and silicone boobies in his face. Sure those aren’t always bad things but most cars cry out for attention and usually seam overpriced and unreliable. So Nissan has made a car that is phenomenal and a poster child for car enthusiasts, comparatively inexpensive and an orgasm inducing drive on a daily basis, so back to my point. How do you improve this magnificent beast? Read more…

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Changes to 2016 New Cars

When it comes to the future of our vehicles, auto manufacturers are trying to make the interior of the vehicle have all the amenities of our own home and business. When it comes to the vehicle itself we are seeing more technological assists. These driver aids go from the basic traction control to a parking assist even in entry level models. With the multi-media computers we are seeing higher processing power as well as interconnecting cloud systems allowing you to share your home, mobile and business media with your vehicle therefore all your music, videos, and all around data can be accessed more easily.

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