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2016 Cadillac ElMiraj Concept Becomes A Reality

Ever since the introduction of the Cadillac Sixteen and its sixteen cylinder engine I have gotten a straight six in my pants. The design team and VP of General Motors Global Design, Ed Welburn have worked to give us three amazing flagship concepts from the Sixteen to the Ciel to the Elmiraj and every time one would appear I would get my hopes up only to be crushed by a long lasting disappearance from the scene. Well in early 2014 we spotted Cadillac road testing a car so big that we knew no CTS or ATS was wearing a fat suit but it had to be a flagship Cadillac working out the kinks. The lead cause for not seeing a flagship until now wasn’t a lack of positive response from the general public but it was an economic downturn and then economic uncertainty that lead the brass to hold off because they knew a flagship flop would cost them their jobs and then they would be wearing anonymous masks and camping in public parks. Read more…

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Posted by - February 6, 2014 at 8:01 pm

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The Electrifying Nissan 2016 GT-R

I have has a special place in my heart for the Skylines and the super GT-R badge AWD monsters that lurked in countries other than the U.S.A. but when we received the R35 I was smitten with joy like a big eyed creepy middle aged sailor moon action figure. Nissan and Renault had been producing mediocre cars and they all left something to be desired whether it be styling or performance but mainly both. I love Nissan and my family has owned several Datsun or Nissan vehicles over the years so I usually reserve a more positive outlook that most when they introduce a new vehicle but I think everyone was taken back by the shear performance and handling characteristics that the GT-R would produce. It was a cornucopia of engineering prowess and the vehicles were proof in the pudding. As the Bugatti Veyron set the benchmark for all street legal cars for the decade so did the GT-R for everything in or around the $100k range. But now the GT-R has been studied and backwardly engineered and now everyone is gunning for it and so Nissan being the bright folks they are, are trying to stay a step ahead of the game and with the 2016 GT-R they are going to surprise us again. Read more…

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Posted by - February 4, 2014 at 7:40 pm

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Mazda RX-7 on the market in 2016!

This news will probably cheer up every Mazda fan around the globe. Widely acclaimed RX -7 in the new generation comes in the form of light and agile two-seater driven with at least 250 hp, powerful rotary engine and its arrival has reportedly been scheduled for 2016. Read more…

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