2016 Cadillac ElMiraj Concept Becomes A Reality

2016 Cadillac Elmiraj

Ever since the introduction of the Cadillac Sixteen and its sixteen cylinder engine I have gotten a straight six in my pants. The design team and VP of General Motors Global Design, Ed Welburn have worked to give us three amazing flagship concepts from the Sixteen to the Ciel to the Elmiraj and every time one would appear I would get my hopes up only to be crushed by a long lasting disappearance from the scene. Well in early 2014 we spotted Cadillac road testing a car so big that we knew no CTS or ATS was wearing a fat suit but it had to be a flagship Cadillac working out the kinks. The lead cause for not seeing a flagship until now wasn’t a lack of positive response from the general public but it was an economic downturn and then economic uncertainty that lead the brass to hold off because they knew a flagship flop would cost them their jobs and then they would be wearing anonymous masks and camping in public parks.

Cadillac Elmiraj Concept


The two and four door elmiraj luxury vehicles are set to prove to the world that Cadillac is world class and that the company will try to never give us the Catera ever again. Yes ladies and gentlemen the elmiraj is going to be a big build but it isn’t going to be as heavy as you expect. Utilizing an aluminum (Owl-You-Minion) unibody and fenders will help keep this car lighter than the Titanic and with the supercharged aluminum 6.2L producing 600hp being an engine option as well as the 8-speed automatic expect to see these babies zooming by more like a cigarette boat. With the improved magnetic suspension setup this car will actually be able to give you a comfortable ride when you want it or stiffen up when you feel like driving like Cruella Deville in need of a puppy pullover.

2016 Cadillac Elmiraj Interior

Rumor is that this is going to be an AWD setup or at least an option but that hasn’t been confirmed. Do expect to see an impressive interior and with the fine wood and leather display it will also be the weight additive that will cause the healthy curb weight to exist. Add sound deadening material and miles of electrical harnesses and multiple creature comforts like front and rear heated and air conditioned seats as well as a refrigerator and optional humidor and there you have a healthy Cadillac.

2016 Cadillac Elmiraj Rear View

We hope this does the company good and lasts longer than the reissue of Maybachs did for Mercedes-Benz. Either way I will be supporting Cadillac frankly because we don’t have a Duisenberg Motor Company to be our ultra-class anymore and yet some of still remember how great Cadillac’s use to be and how they are getting back their name.

2016 Cadillac Elmiraj