2016 Porsche Pajun – A Smaller Version of Panamera

Porsche has announced that they plan to introduce several new car models in 2016. One of these new models is Pajun that would actually be a smaller version of Panamera (Panamera Junior – Pajun). This model will compete with Mercedes CLS and BMW 5 in 2016.


Pajun is expected to be a sports sedan with four doors and it would be positioned just under Panamera in Porsche’s offer of vehicles. According to some sources this car will look more like an extended 911 than reduced Panamera.

When it comes to the style, Pajun will be a combination of these two models and it will be based on a shortened Panamera platform. As for the driving characterstics, 2016 Porsche Pajun is above all intended for drivers that enjoy dynamic and sport driving, but at the same as every day vehicle used for transportation.


Porsche plans to develop Shooting/Brake caravan version so it can reach even more customers.

This famous German manufacturer is best known for their state of the art engines and Pajun will not be in exception when it comes to engines. The wide range of engines will include V6 petrol and diesel engines, including 3.0 liter V6 diesel engine with 310 hp as well as 3.0 liter bi-turbo petrol engine with 414 hp. Hybrid version will combined with a turbocharged engine with 318 hp and an electric engine with 100 hp.

2016 Porsche Pajun will have a lot of rivals when it comes on the market but if these performances that are planned are implemented good than it will certainly have good results.