5 of the Most Iconic James Bond Cars

James Bond is a name that is synonymous with style. The character is a hit with the ladies, and can fight enemies and not even have a hair out of place at the end of it. One of his trademarks is the many luxurious cars that he is known for which always seem to be exotic and stylish, a lot like the many women that seemed to swoon around him. Here’s a trip down memory lane with 5 of the most iconic James Bond cars.


AMC Hornet

The Hornet was used in what is considered to be one of the most memorable action scenes in all of the movies, where Bond jumps the car 40 feet over a Thai river, in pursuit of Scaramanga driving a Matador X coupe. During the stunt, the car performs a 360 degree barrel roll, performed by stunt driver “Bumps” Willard who had never performed the feat before!

Rolls Royce Silver Cloud II

The classic Rolls Royce Silver Cloud that was used in the film A View To Kill, was actually Cubby’s own car, and it is believed that the actor who drove it was extremely nervous as they negotiated it through the gates of the French chateau in the movie. In the film, there is a scene where Bond escapes from the sunken car by breathing in the air from the tyres, and it was a car body that was used for this scene.

Jaguar XKR

The Jaguar XKR that is used in the movie Die Another Day is a convertible roof Jaguar that is packed with gadgetry that excites the imagination of any Bond fan, including a Gatling gun, mortar, 18 heat seeking missiles and a hydraulic battering ram. This car is considered to be even more formidable than Bonds Aston Martin, with this arsenal of weapons which came in handy for Bond during the chase scene in Iceland before the car falls into the freezing water.

Lotus Esprit S1

Rumour has it that the Lotus was used in the Bond flick because a Lotus PR person cleverly had one parked outside the offices of Cubby Broccoli in London when he heard that they were working on a new film. His idea that they couldn’t resist the car once they had seen it worked and so it was used in both an underwater scene with a converted submersible version and a land scene using the standard Lotus. The car is affectionately known as Wet Nellie due to its swim in the movie.

Aston Martin DB5

The Aston Martin is the car that was the most closely associated with James Bond, featuring in most of his movies following its debut in Goldfinger in 1964. It has also appeared in Thunderball, Goldeneye, Tomorrow Never Dies and Casino Royale where Daniel Craig’s version of Bond won the car back in a poker game. The original car was infused with all sorts of Bond gadgetry but it was stripped out of it before being sold to a new owner (who reinstated it all!).