Designs of New Cars for 2016

Never in history have new car customers had such a choice of vehicles to choose from. With so many auto manufacturers and more global outreach in sales markets means that individuals have a cornucopia of choices. What use to be a basic lineup of vehicles such as a truck, family car, sports car and wagon has now become super specific such as ultra-feather-weight all-wheel-drive three-door hatchback CVT 5-cylinder class.  It’s getting to be so ridiculous that you really can’t believe marketing campaigns that say “best in class”. Cars such as the Accord and Civic get bigger and bigger each generation in order to top the completion while a new super ultra compact has to be introduced for city drivers or the fuel efficient buyers. So what will we see for new cars for 2016?


2016 will show off engineering as well as the fact that some fresh designers out of art school are somehow getting their clay sculptures to the factory floor as production models because auto executives need fresh ideas and are getting bolder about testing the waters due to so much competition. With the new cars that are in the market we will see engineers tightening up all the tolerances of each vehicle in order to squeeze out every ounce of efficiency. Due to top priority of fuel consumption there is going to be more attention to wind resistance, overall weight, transmissions, and power production. These issues among that of versatility as well as technological aspects of the vehicle are making for quite a challenge for auto manufactures.


For reasons beyond me, customers want to be able to use their cars as a tool in their social media lifestyles and let everyone know that they have a frown face because of Monday rush hour. So since this false necessity is the mother of invention, we have more cars that are popping up “probable cause” fan photo evidence because your name happens to be Justin Bieber.


For you “gear heads” there is still the amazing amount of horsepower being squeezed out of every liter of power plant production. If sales of the Subaru BR-Z and Scion FR-S continue to be hot and heavy then prepare to see competition from other manufacturers to produce a fun rear-wheel-drive 2016 sports car that can also sip gas when needed. The next generation of the Ford Mustang should be a prime example as they will likely introduce a turbo 4-cylinder engine as the base model that will produce around 285-300hp. Plus the fact that the car is reportedly suppose to shed several hundreds of pounds due to the use of Ford and Dow Chemical’s joint production of carbon fiber components. So when it comes to new cars for 2016, car production looks bright as some amazing minds that are much smarter than myself are redefining our main mode of transportation.


And on a final note, maybe just maybe will we see the natural gas and propane production cars that we should already have and that my fellow gear heads is the news for 2016 cars.