Engineering Perfection for 2016 Cars

The vehicles for 2016 have become so much more than a simple means of transportation. With auto manufacturers realizing that a vehicle is usually one of the biggest if not the biggest investment for individual means that they need to pull out all the stops in order to make their vehicle a symbol of perfection. The designs for 2016 cars are taking a sleeker line than ever before in order to flaunt styling cues as well as aerodynamic design. This means that we will see much sexier looking vehicles that appeal to those wanting a vehicle with a more futuristic style. The days of simple boxy car design are over as manufacturers look to lower the drag coefficient of the vehicle in order to make it slip through the air with minimal effort. This means the vehicle will be utilizing such features as undercarriage covers for their undercarriage in order to keep air circulation continual under the vehicle.


Weight is still a main concern for vehicles and as a result we will see less steel being used and more alloys and carbon components. With trickle-down technology from Formula One as well as exotic sports cars, we are seeing that companies are taking notice of carbon fiber mono-cockpits. These are simply structural shells surrounding the passenger compartment. The main pillars of the vehicle will be tied in with floor pans seamlessly using carbon fiber. As a result of vehicles will be incredibly rigid and thus improving handling as a side effect as well as making the structure incredibly strong in order to deal with impact. For the substructures the vehicles we are seeing manufacturers using more alloys such as aluminum and engine components made of magnesium and high grade alloys. As a result auto manufacturers such as Ford Motor Company are looking to reduce the weight of the standard vehicle by the 750 pounds simply by replacing steel components with are much lighter weight carbon fiber components which still maintain structural integrity of steel itself.


For 2016 cars we are seeing the powertrain of the vehicles becoming even more advanced and efficient. With smarter driver assists in order to keep passenger safe as well as more intelligent all-wheel-drive systems and less restrictive components make for an all around better vehicle. Even better is the fact that these vehicles will all be maintaining a high grade of efficiency while delivering minimal carbon pollution. For hybrid assist vehicle manufacturers are embracing the fact that they can make the vehicle all-wheel-drive by utilizing electric motors to power either the front or rear axle only while the other axle is powered by a gasoline or diesel powered engine. This allows the vehicle to still remain safe and managed to perform in inclement weather conditions such as snow, sleet or heavy rain.


With all the technologies being introduced and utilized in vehicle design for the 2016 cars means that has individuals look to purchase their next vehicle they will see massive amount of technology and research and development in each of the vehicles that they choose. It is now becoming an industry standard to build vehicles that are efficient at everything as well as more environmentally sound and capable as an everyday machine.