The Dominant Superpower of the 2016 Nissan GT-R

2016 Nissan GT-R

The GT-R and its ancestors are the quintessential story of nobility from the land of the rising sun. This is simply not a car, this is a purpose built machine that shows off the brilliance of the Japanese dedication to engineering perfection. Seriously, this car is limited by the rubber on its rims and can take four points of contact and do wonders with it. So the question is, how do you improve or perpetual perfection? It is apparent that the GT-R is a machine of lust for the engineers. Do you think they would emit blood, sweat and Miso soup to brainstorm on a fucking Sentra? This is the vehicle that is absolutely impervious to stereotypes. For example, if I see a Ferrari or Lamborghini, I can’t help but see an asshat that drives it because he needs attention and silicone boobies in his face. Sure those aren’t always bad things but most cars cry out for attention and usually seam overpriced and unreliable. So Nissan has made a car that is phenomenal and a poster child for car enthusiasts, comparatively inexpensive and an orgasm inducing drive on a daily basis, so back to my point. How do you improve this magnificent beast?


The answer is not simple whatsoever; it comes with improvement on structural integrity as well as the loss of weight and the improvement on power. Simple right, wrong this is tedious ultra nerdy brilliance being shined on a supernova. Plus you have a wrench thrown into the powertrain of this dominant devil. That would be our friend electricity. I know it seems almost blasphemy but wait till you reap the rewards. First off, electric motors are fucking torque monsters that are reliable and when done properly can save weight and mechanical complications. Here is the reason for it, first is that you currently have a dual-shaft system working in the GT-R and engineers want to focus on the rear dif getting the mechanically driven power as it usually makes up for 60-80% of the AWD power. So what Nissan is thinking is that they take the Leaf nerds and their latest battery designs as well as Mazda’s shared capacitor composition and make a light weight power storage that can quickly be regenerated by braking as well as alternator power production.  This relieves the need for a second driveshaft and mechanical differential. Plus the designers can design different algorithms to change up traction and power under corning and launch control giving the car an almost cheating type feel around the bends. Now slap some carbon fiber structural parts in there and a Hello Kitty welcoming screen and you have the perfect car for….everything.


I know that is seems wrong that the GT-R would share its mechanical brilliance with the likes of electricity but you’re looking at it all wrong, they have been around each other for a long time but the mechanical side of the car wanted almost complete utilitarian control and refused to give electricity meaningful tasks until this whole equal rights thing got blown out of proportion.