The Ford Bronco Concept

Ford Bronco Concept

There are icons that we look to in the past that bring up childhood memories of better days. It use to be days of cheap gas, Detroit lockers and big campfires as you would escape the minutia of everyday life to get away from civilization with just you and your pals. Today however you can’t take most vehicles off of gravel without destroying the underlying structure of the vehicle and don’t even think about forging that creek otherwise the water will soon seek shelter on top of your pistons. The days of the 4×4 are leaving as most people find them to be too uncomfortable or simply politically incorrect and so therefore great vehicles such as the Pathfinder and Cherokee are getting neutered into crossover grocery getters. Sure the Wrangler is capable and the Grand Cherokee but what else? The FJ Cruiser is dead along with the possibility of the Nissan Xterra and the Tahoe is getting optimized for efficiency and is still big as a barn so therefore the first time you try and drive on an old logging trail you will have no paint left or mirrors. So what has become of this huge crossover trend has caused a niche to grow and the Jeep Wrangler is taking all of it. With the Wrangler maintaining strong sales and the 4-door version going over like gang busters means that other manufacturers have got to be taking notice and that is why we have the possibility for the Ford Bronco Concept to become a reality for 2016.

Ford Bronco Concept

Sharing much of the parts from the F-150 is a good thing as the product is solid and so is the drivetrain. Look at the SVT Raptor and tell me that is a piece of crap, because it is not but for someone who needs a smaller 4×4 SUV they won’t be purchasing these massive trucks because they are too wide and too expensive. Don’t get me wrong the Wrangler is great but it too is expensive and Chrysler continually shows faults when it comes to manufacturing and recalls and everything else. Sure Ford has their issues too but would I rank Ford as a more reliable company overall with better engineering, simply put yes.

Side View of the New Ford Bronco Concept

Expect Ford to introduce an aluminum chassis and an engine selection from the possible Ecoboost 4-cyl to the 5.0 Coyote for the SVT version and maybe just maybe some beefy Fox shocks and beefy A-arms and skid plates. Then you will have every country boy and adventurers waiting in line to get their hands on the 2016 Ford Bronco. As stated on Gearheads, if they stay true to the boxy retro type styling yet leave plenty of bolt on parts in order to gain aftermarket followings then prepare to have a Wrangler/Bronco pissing contest that makes us all win in the end.

Rendering of the New Ford Bronco Concept