Volkswagen Tiguan expected in 2016

In the beginning of 2016 a new series of Volkswagen Tiguan mini SUVs will be available on the market. The first generation of this model was introduced in 2006 and unlike that generation this one will try to catch the spirit of the new age. It will have more aggressive look thanks to the designer team who tried to use the sharp lines of Golf model in a combination with the well known flexibility of SUVs.


The new appearance will bring much more chrome elements on the front cover than before and it will make the new Tiguan look sleeker and more aggressive at the same time. The line of the front bumper will much thinner than the one on the previous model and its surface will be dominated by a huge air intake. In this way the small Tiguan will try to get closer to the bigger and more luxurious Volkswagen models.

The boundary between the larger models and Tiguan will remain when we talk about the number of seats. Tiguan will have five seats while the future bigger Volkswagen models led by CrossBlue concept will have at least seven seats. What is similar for all future Volkswagen models is the so-called MQB architecture of vehicles which Tiguan will share with Golf for example. This means that Tiguan’s lenth will be increased from the current 4,426 meters which will result in a larger luggage space similar to those of Skoda Yeti which has a luggage space of 470 liters.

The greater length of the vehicle will allow more spaciousness for the passengers. The functional interior will keep the sliding rear bench and if it takes example from the future CrossBlue models it will also smoother surface, it will look more elegant and it will definitely have a larger display for the multimedia system. All these luxurious add-ons will aim to keep this SUV ahead of the competition in its class.The new platform will allow the new Tiguan to have 19-inch wheels and to maintain high seating position. The front and the rear light clusters will have LED technology implemented and optionally customers can choose if they want DCC adaptive damping and all-wheel drive.

The engines will be “borrowed” from the current Golf model, 1.2 TFSI petrol engine, 1.4 and the most powerful 2.0 petrol engine. The diesel engines will be less powerful and it is obvious that Volkswagen has decided to invest more in petrol engines for the new Tiguan. What is good is that the new MQB platform will reduce the level of fuel consumption because of the lower weight. The new Tiguan will weigh less than 1.500 kg, it will also have start/stop system and DSG transmission with incredible 10 gears.

Tiguan will have few variations. The Escape variation will meet the criteria of those drivers that are looking for off-road challenges. BlueMotion will be the perfect solution for those who are looking for low fuel consumption SUV and the special R version is intended for the drivers that are looking for a powerful and small SUV.